Demand planner

Do you want to be responsible for the forecasting of your own group of products, at a multinational with offices all over the world? And is S&OP your second name? Did you answer yes to both questions? Then we strongly recommend you not to stop reading until you reached the “yes I do’ button.
You will join a team of 3 demand planners, but you will also have a very intensive collaboration with the members of your product group team.

**The position**
You will have two main responsibilities. At first; the forecasting part. You will focus on what the market, your current stock, buyers and the sales department need. You will constantly be in contact with the members of product group team and the other sales and supply chain departments. This is why you are seated with the other members responsible for you product group; fast and substantively communication. Knowing and understanding the market you will translate expectations, calculations and analyses to solid commercial plans.
Once a month you will have a online meeting with the demand planning team, sales and product managers throughout the whole of Europe discussing developments regarding your group of products.

The other responsibility: Improving current processes. You are smart, new, fresh and highly educated; you know what this multinational can do better! And you don’t only know how to improve these processes, you are also very convincing when you present these ideas to your manager.
Do you want some feedback? Every Monday your team has a 30 minute block to discuss improvements, new ideas and how to do this. Do you need some training to get things done? Every Thursday your team has a one hour block for in-house training. Do you want this to be about your idea? Sure, why not?

** And what will you get in return?**
> You will start with a one year contract.
> 38 days off.
> 13 month pay.
> Do you want to be the first one in the office and leave before traffic? Flexible hours are no problem.
> This company has arrangements for pension and health insurance.
> Travel expenses are being reimbursed.

**Still interested?**
Nice! But we are also going to ask some things from you. Its important that you finished an economical Bachelor or Master. We are looking for somebody who has some working experience, but if you just finished college and you think you can do it; let us know!
The company is an Japanese multinational with offices all over the world. This means deadlines, monthly reports and a great office.
Are you ready? Give us a call: 020-6124945