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Are you looking for HR personnel for your company? Say no more. JUSTIN is happy to help you find the right HR talent. This leaves you time for other important matters. We will keep you informed during the selection process and will only introduce a candidate to you if we are 100% sure of them. JUSTIN is in contact with ambitious HR professionals who want to take the next step in their career. Whether you are looking for HR managers, P&O managers or HR staff.


We always aim for the perfect match, which is why we are very committed to both parties. Before we write your vacancy, we make sure to visit your company in order to get acquainted and to experience the atmosphere. By doing so, we are really able to convey your company culture to applicants.

During the candidate interview, we will discuss their ambitions, resume, and competencies. Combine all these steps and we’ll quickly be able to tell if someone’s the right match for your company.


"The HR department is incredibly important in your company. When we talk about employee happiness at work, HR contributes a lot! They ensure, among other things, that the right employees are in the right role. And not entirely unimportantly; they maintain contact with JUSTIN! JUSTIN has been providing HR personnel at various levels for years and would be happy to help your company find the right HR staff." 


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