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Secondment through JUSTIN...

Are you looking for young professionals and flexibility? That's possible through secondment via JUSTIN. Not only will we recruit your new employees, but we will also take care of your administration.

Let us tell you why secondment or staffing via JUSTIN is a good idea:

  • Full outsourcing
  • Strong personal approach
  • Candidates who match your corporate culture
  • No cure, no pay

In practice...

Secondment can extend over several months or even a few years. JUSTIN serves as the legal employer for the duration of the contract. As a result, you run no risks in the event of incapacity for work or continued payment of wages during vacations.


What does that mean?

In this instance we offer the young professional a phase A non-stipulated contract, through which an employee is paid by the number of hours worked. As legal employer, we carry all risks. JUSTIN only offers contracts with the prospect of permanent employment. Are both parties still happy after a certain amount of time? Then it's your turn to offer our young professional a permanent place on the team.



Our areas of expertise

JUSTIN specializes in office positions in the fields listed below. Are you looking for flexible staff in a different job category? Not to worry! Our parent company Antenna also recruits staff in other job groups.

Our working method

Secondment via JUSTIN means you can be completely unburdened! Not only will we take care of the recruitment and selection process, but you will also no longer have to worry about payroll administration. JUSTIN becomes the legal employer. This means that we pay the salary and bear all employer risks. It's ideal for when you're looking for flexible staff, for instance, due to seasonal demand or maternity leave.

JUSTIN charges a temping rate when you hire a new colleague through us. It goes without saying that we will have agreed on this rate before our collaboration. And if the ideal candidate hasn't been found yet? Then we will continue our search and you won't be charged anything.

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