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How it works

We can imagine you have questions about working with a recruitment agency. Have you found a vacancy that appeals to you? Or have you registered and have we found something suitable for you? If so, we are eager to explain what happens next!

Step 1


We have a cup of coffee or tea, discuss your resume and what you expect from your next employer. Then we'll discuss the vacancy and the company in depth. It is important for us to know who you are, why you have made certain decisions and what your core values are when it comes to a new position and employer. Based on that info, we will see if our client is still the right match for you, or if we have other great opportunities!

Step 2


Great! We and our clients always like to get a quick reference from a previous employer or internship company. This gives us a clear picture of your work experience and the role you are willing to take within a team.

Step 3


Is this reference also positive? Then we'll introduce you to the company where the vacancy is open. Of course, we send more than just your resume. For our clients, the person behind the resume is just as important as their resume. So we'll send them an extensive written proposals based on our previous conversation.

Step 4


Is the company equally enthusiastic? Then it's your turn! Put your best foot forward and show them why you should be the newest addition to the company. In any case, we will prepare you well in advance. We'll tell you who your interviewers are and we'll give you some advice on how to dress as well as general tips for the interview. 


Ready to score your dream job today?


Getting started, now what?

Congratulations! It looks like you're a match! JUSTIN has several ways for you to get started with a new employer. The big difference is in who your legal employer is. We'll briefly explain the differences below.


After you go through the application process, the company offers you a contract directly. JUSTIN has only acted as an intermediary during the introduction and application process, but you will be employed directly by the company. Do you have questions about the terms of employment or would you like our perspective on the contract? We will be here to help! 


With a temporary or secondment contract, you'll start working at the company through JUSTIN as your legal employer. That means JUSTIN will be paying your salary. We'll draw up a contract for you which we'll then go through with you step by step. But don't worry. Unless it's a temporary assignment, clients often have the intention of eventually offering you a contract themselves. JUSTIN primarily mediates in permanent jobs, which means we are set on ensuring your future best as we can. 


Brands you can work for

JUSTIN works for companies from large to small and in all kinds of sectors. Here are a few examples!

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